I Ought To Get Caught. Up! Caught Up!

Yesterday was basically, your (or my) normal Saturday Morning with SWMBO off to the Genealogy Library until late afternoon. Overcast. Cooler than it has been. Doctor Who Marathon going until I can download the new episode (new season) tonight. Most of my chores already done.


SWMBO took me to FPH for dinner. Stopped by Jo Ann’s Fabric’s & Big 5 Sporting Good’s (she needed new shoes) before making our usual Safeway stop on the way home. (Where we forgot to get milk so it looks like dry cereal for breakfast. Again.)

Didn’t post last night cause I got busy downloading and watching the Season 9 premiere of Doctor Who. By the time I finished with all that it was past my bedtime. Good show though. Had to watch it twice to understand it; but enjoyed it anyway.

Today has been our usual Sunday; SWMBO made fried chicken, boiled taters, and cauliflower for dinner. Other than that not much going on.


Did get my old computer out of the basement and install Ubuntu Studio on it to play around with making a file server. Dedicated a 640 Gig drive to the OS and have an old 80 Gig drive to play with sharing. Thinking of making my own NAS type thing trying to prepare for when my two NAS units finally go TU.

When I got those two NAS units the documentation said they’d handle two 500 Gig drives; which I’ve already upped to two 2 TB drives. Not sure if they’ll handle anything bigger. I’m going to try it; but not be too disappointed if they just don’t work. COSTCO has a pretty good price on 5 TB drives …


And, I thought I’d throw together another Linux machine just to “play” with. If I break it, no big deal. I even broke out my old “Linux Third Edition” book.

Been raining the past few hours. It’s affected my reception of the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net. Mostly heard everyone okay but had a lot of fade out. Antenna must have gotten wet!

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