Profound Thoughts Elude Me.

Except at the exact moment I fall asleep. Of course I don’t remember them when I wake up the next <whenever>. Had something I thought was both profound and semi-funny to start a post with. You can see where I wound up. I’m Old.


Pretty much a normal Friday with the exception that I both swept & swabbed this end of the house. The inside. My room through the kitchen into the dinning area. Also made a run to the Post Office to pick up a box of “Thrive” stuff that came in. (I need a bigger mailbox.)


Took apart one of those tablet thingies that our friends in Utah gave me because they can’t get them to work. Not much to the insides really. The battery is flexible of all things. But now I have a 7” touch screen to play with if/when I get a Raspberry Pi. And I still have one of the tablets to play with. Maybe I can install another version of Linux (or Android) on it; if I can ever get the damned thing to boot.

Other than that just converting the 1st Season of DS9 from disc to .mp4 for SWMBO. Think I’ll add the rest of the show to the list when I restart Netflix. (For her. I didn’t really like DS9 until Season 5 or so.)


Really looking forward to Doctor Who starting again tomorrow night. I’ll be checking the torrent places all day until I find it posted.

Somehow my re-posts from Tumblr started getting posted to Facebook. Which is not necessarily bad for the Political stuff, but one of my (female) cousins took exception to the naked ladies. Still not sure what “app” was cross posting, but I seem to have “fixed” it. Sorry, Cuz. I never wanted Tumblr to post to FB in the first place!

Think I’ll finish out “It Came From Outer Space” (1953) then go lay down and read awhile.

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