I Had To Do It. Had To. Real Shoes.

But it was raining out and I needed to go check mail. Which is about the only thing I’ve done outside today. Except for that 2.8 minutes the Sun really did come out. Was nice. But still wet. Flip Flops just ain’t gonna hack it. (Had socks on also but don’t tell anyone!)


Like I said, it was raining some today. Came down hard a couple of times. You can almost hear the trees sucking it all in. Rained for almost 5 minutes before a drop actually hit the ground! Yes, even in the “open” areas.


Not much going on today. Move a lot of dining room furniture into the Big Room and swept from my room to the dining room getting ready to mop it tomorrow. Then I watched a lot of video’s on the Raspberry PI most of the afternoon. (Takes that long because of our slow Internet connection.)


And that’s pretty much it. Mostly boring day doing “housework” and my usual chores. Not getting outside much. Did start measuring for those shelves I want to put in the caravan; but, other than that, really didn’t accomplish a lot today. Ah well. Old and Retired, you know.

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