A Monday Like Every Other Monday

Except for a quick trip to Ace Hardware for a wall clock for SWMBO, checking mail on the way back of course, it has been one damned SSDD Monday around here. Cloudy. Sunny. Cloudy. Sunny. Cloudy. You pick and wait 10 minutes.


Spent the afternoon puttering around. Went out an looked at how I want to reposition the wire holding my new antenna up. Need the tennis ball gun. Get that and I can put the new antenna up about 90 feet. That should work out well. Should be able to get a lot more signals in, and out, then. Cool!


Made myself some tuna sandwiches and bakes for dinner. Then I mixed together a serving (or two) of chili completely from the “Thrive” stuff we have in the cupboards. Tastes pretty good! A bit more spicy than I’m used to, but not bad at all. That’s going to be my dinner tomorrow night!


And that’s pretty much it. SWMBO is home and I’m seeing if her phone will charge for me. She wasn’t able to get it to charge all day so she’s been without and going through phone withdrawal. Since her phone is as old as mind, and a different model, it’ll probably be danged near impossible to get a new batter for it. But I’m about to check online an see.

Oh, guess what movie I watched today.

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