CQ CQ CQ. Calling CQ CQ CQ.

Pretty “normal” Sunday. Spent a lot of time trying to straighten up/get sorted all those pictures I’ve scanned over the past couple of years. At least getting each person into their own directory. Next will be getting rid of the BUTT-TON of duplicates. (That ought to be a lot of fun!) So far there are 154,000 pictures.

My New Hat

Just not a whole lot going on. SWMBO made Swedish Meatballs and lima beans for dinner. I got all my usual chores done.


Got the new tv up and running in the big room. Moved the Raspberry Pi in there to act as the media center. Not a bad picture; plenty good enough for me to watch while walking on the treadmill or bike.


MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went really well tonight. Had way more check-ins than we did last Wednesday. Even a couple of folks that don’t usually check in. No one mentioned W7FBI.

And that’s it. Won’t bore y;all any more tonight.

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