Just Not Much Happening Today.

As usual. Did pick a butt-ton of green beans & peas from the garden. Maters are just starting to get big enough to start to change color. Peppers are just about ready to pick. Bell Peppers are getting to eatin’ size. Corn is almost ready to pick.


Made stir-fry (pork) for dinner but forgot to make rice for SWMBO. You better believe she let me know about it too! It was good though.

MCARC 10-meter Chat Net went well tonight. For everyone else but me!! I couldn’t hear the other guys for beans. Everybody was way down in the static and I just couldn’t understand them. So I just listened in as much as I could.

Oh yeah, we had an earthquake this morning. It happened at 11:41 a.m. and was centered about 15 miles west-northwest of Tacoma with a depth of about 7 miles. I didn’t feel a thing. I wonder if I still have the, uh, non-Cho lance(?), about minor earthquakes from growing up in the San Fernando Valley (all around Los Angeles)? Hell, anything less than a 5.0 feels like a big truck going by.

I'm Ready For Another Vacation!

And where it is supposed to have happened is about 14 miles South-South East from me; no biggie. I don’t really want “The Big One” to happen cause that would seriously screw our day; but I do wish we’d have more thunderstorms. (What a way to change directions in a conversation!)

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