Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.”-Malcolm Forbes

Amended with: As long as your independent thinking matches my independent thinking OR ELSE!

Ya know, I got to thinking about that pizza place SWMBO and I went to yesterday afternoon/evening here in Belfair. There and a lot of other places I’ve noticed that they want you to “tip” for taking your order. Pay extra just for taking your order. NOT actual service or anything; just to take your order. Up front before even starting your order that you’re being asked to tip for the taking of.

Just seems wrong to me. I paid last night because, not sure, caught by surprise? Afraid they’d spit in my food if I didn’t? I don’t know. But I do know I won’t next time. No more “You must tip me for doing my job (in a surly manner last night) and taking your order.” Y’all want a tip? Tell me to go sit down and BRING my order without spilling it or slamming it on the table.

The waitperson at FPH deserves (and earns) my tip WAY more than the person asking “Whatchawant?” and punching it into the register. Gee, you did that really really well! Here’s $5! No, don’t do it again cause I know it was tiring. Goddamned excellent finger control though!


And I know all y’all are going to say “But, Doc. That’s for the cooks and cleaners and the servers all.”

So, what if I don’t like the food made, the film on the table, or the surly service? Too late! I’ve already paid the tip.

But it was good pizza.

Anywho, not a butt-ton of stuff going on around here. Took SWMBO to church today. Took my mask off to sing and did a much better job of it. Figured they couldn’t yell at me too much seeing as how we’re in church and all. (And I love dirty looks!)

Rained all day! Dog and I still did our walk. Cause that’s the way we roll.

Joined the “Wondrium” put on by “The Great Courses” cause even thought ALL their digital courses are “on sale” for $30 (or less) EACH (not the whole collection as one) it quickly (oh so quickly), on the first page of the catalog, added up to well over the annual membership price ($120). So, for $120 I get to watch every course they have, plus stuff from other “learning type” sites that have joined Wondrium. That’s just cool to me.

So I’ve been watching “Natures Power Revealed” the past couple of hours.

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