Last Day Of The Dinosaurs!

Only thing out of the ordinary today was my appointment at the Truck Dealer (Hazelwood) for regularly scheduled Warranty Stuff. Oil change (free) and tire rotation (if needed) and some other stuff. I do it to keep the Warranty up so I don’t have to pay for these checks and things for a couple of years. I got extended coverage up the yang-yang for this truck.


Worked on SWMBO’s rose trellis for awhile but it got too windy and wet out. So I’ve just been doing “stuff” inside. Talked to my friend down Vista, CA way on 14.432 USB around 1515 or so. Made myself some chied fricken, mashed, and mixed for dinner. (Damn, it was good. Tender!)


And, really, that’s pretty much it. The MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Chat Net went ok. I heard at least half the participants; so that was good. Lots of talk about Generator’s tonight. People thinking about Field Day coming up.

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