It’s Been A Pretty Normal Week!

Honestly, the only thing that stands out is SWMBO and I went to see “Captain America” last Friday. Good movie! Then to our usual shopping trip and a late lunch at the Teriyaki chicken place over Gig Harbor way.


OH, Saturday was “A Taste of Belfair.” (Which I call Belfair Bites.) Wasn’t as warm as last year Wx wise, but all the Classic Cars were still cool. Saw a couple of ‘67-‘68 Mustangs. Bought a ‘68, used, for $600 (which was a fortune!) way back when.  Loved that car. The future-ex painted a phoenix on the hood.


Other than that just doing things around the house. The usual housework and such. It’s been slowly getting warmer during the days so I sit out in the sunshine when I can. Take the dog for walks. “Play” on the radio.

Youngest Daughter and a couple of the Grandkids came over for dinner last Sunday. That was pretty cool! I’m still getting used to being a grandpa. Still getting used to the noise a 4-year old can make! I love having them all over though.

Heck, I’m still coming to terms with being ALMOST 60 years old. I’ve had more aches and pains and pulled muscles since turning 59 than in the past 5 years combined. Nyah-Nyah

Watched what I could of the Perseid Meteor Shower this past whenever it was. Saw only a couple of bright meteor’s since I’m old and in bed by 0100 at the latest. Did get up at 0400 the 2nd day of the shower but, true to Warshington Wx, it was too cloudy to even see the sky, so I went back to bed.

Sometimes I wish I lived out in the desert. Yuma would be nice. Even Eastern Washington/Oregon would be nice. Down around Searchlight, Nv would be okay too.

Ah well…

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