Ok. I’m back! Probably!

My Geoforce Video Card crashed the other day and took Windows 7 with it! Rebooted for some reason and Win7 kept going into “Fixit” mode. No matter what I tried it would not boot into windows. Then I tried reinstalling; to no avail. Several times.

Thinking it may be the hard drive I bought a new one. Walmart had 2TB drives for $99. Cool! Didn’t help though. Windows 7 just would not install.

Ah crap! So I took everything but the new drive and one of the ram chips out and reinstalled. Worked fine. Put the other ram chips back in and it worked fine. Put the video card back in and it crashed. Luckily this time it didn’t take windows with it.

So, it’s taken me two days to reinstall most of the software I usually use. Still not finished but getting there. At least I can check mail!

I’ll be back tomorrow (probably) with what’s been happening.

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