Yes, I Finally Got Out Of The House!

For awhile, anyway. Had a meeting of the MCARC early today so I got up early and drove over to Shelton. Pretty ride. Kind of foggy in places. Meeting went well. Early.

Came home and kinda sorta sat around for all of 20 minutes then got busy making hamburger. We bought a 16-19 pound Chuck yesterday specifically to make hamburger so that’s what I’ve been doing all afternoon. First I cut that big honkin piece of meat into pieces that would fit in the grinder, fed those pieces to the grinder, then had to sucker-bag the hamburger and get it into the freezer. Took all damned afternoon. It’s done though and I won’t have to make any more for 8-12 months depending on how much we use it. Now I’ve got to get to slicing the pork loin thing…

Doc Savage Club

Made up some of the burger into pre-made meat loaf mix and sucker-bagged those into servings also. That way when we want meat loaf for dinner we just get a package out of the freezer, thaw it and cook it up. Easy Peasy.


Oh, I did get to take the Dog for a walk just after I got home. Part of the reason I only sat around 20 minutes.

Not much else going on. One of the guys from the Ham club called me and told me he tracked an electromagnetically interference source to the satellite Dump place about 1/4 mile from my house. Cool! Says they flipped a switch and the radio noise stopped. Cool!

From when we saw Pink Floyd

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