I Swear I Got Webbing Between My Toes



I Am So Sick Of The Rain! It’s raining again today and even more is expected. And the wind is supposed to kick in sometime this afternoon. I Am Really Getting To Hate Western WaRshington! I don’t know if I can do another Winter up here. I really don’t. It may be time to check out Quartzsite, Az for Winter’s for a couple of years.

Been “playing” with making .webm files. Presently I have to load what I want to convert into “VideoMach” and save it as a .webm file. Bulky. Not a whole lot of Linux programs to do it either. Tried Arista & Miro and neither worked. I’ll keep looking though.

Raining harder out there now. Sucks. Did take the Dog for a short walk when it was just sprinkling; but had to cut it shorter cause we were getting wet. I hate this place.

2016-09-04 20.33.32

Dog and I made a Post Office run (with a stop at Taco Bell for a Taco Salad (for me)) and, when we got back home, the rain stopped and the sun sorta made an appearance. So, after I ate, we went for a walk. Nice. Wind really kicked up though. Weird to be out in the wind and hearing all the tree’s creek from swaying back and forth. Kinda cool though.

The MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went well. Had 9 check-in’s; including a new Ham. Cool. Like “seeing” new Hams on air.

Anywho, that’s about it for me. Feeling kind of tired/weak tonight. Little bit dizzy too. Hmmm… Is there a trip to the Hospital in my future? Near future? We’ll see. Hell, I’m only 65. Almost.

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