Thursday. Oh, Thursday.

Woke up around 0430 with a headache. Stumbled my way to my bathroom, found the headache tablet bottle, and downed two. Tablets. Not two bottles. Bottles would hurt coming out if I even got them down in the first place.


Made the COSTCO run for the Club Field Day food. Spent only $170 of their money. This year I got a bag of chicken breasts and some tilapia burgers for those that get tired of beef. And all the “fixins’” of course. Everything that needs to be in a cooler is and it’s all piled in my garage for me to load tomorrow. Man, my truck’s going to be loaded down!


Quite a bit cloudier and cooler today. Still nice enough to be outside as much as possible though. Guess I ought to put some pants on and go water the garden…


Which I wound up not doing. I figure it’s supposed to rain all weekend; they’ll get watered then. Did manage to lay out some between getting ready for tomorrow. Nice!

And that’s The Way It Was.

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