Kind Of A Slow Saturday…

But, then, y’all kind of expect that of me. Ah well.

Before I lost my truck for the day to our son, I did manage to get down to Blockbuster and rent a couple of movies on Blu Ray. Clash of the Titans & Wrath of the Titans. Guess it’ll be a Titan evening!

We Had One Of These When I Was A Kid.

Finally made a PSK31 contact on 10-meters. Hell, finally made a non-Net radio contact. Was going to do more but got busy trying to fix the connection between my laptop and radio. Dang thing keeps dropping out after 5-10 minutes so I have to manually control the radio. That sucks! Worked fine for 3 years or so but lately it just drops the connection after awhile. Think I’ll set up a desktop computer and see if that works…

I really don’t use the radio as much as I should though.

Playing With Vue 7

Other than that, just not much going on. It rained off and on today so the dog and I got to take only one walk. Left some peanuts for the squirrels. Got our feet all muddy. The usual.

We dated a few times in High School.

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