Very Wet Friday! Yard River Is Back!

Yep. Pretty much a SSDD around here. Rained all day. Been watching the temperature slowly drop: 0530-52 degrees-Raining Hard. 1300-44 degrees-Raining. 1700-38 degrees-Raining. Right now it needs to drop another 4 or 5 degrees before it can snow. We’ll see. Or maybe we won’t; it’s dark out now.

I Want One!

SWMBO’s Son finally bought himself a truck. 1999 F-150. It’s parked at his girlfriend’s in Sammamish and he and SWMBO are going to get it when he picks her up at the Ferry Landing. That’ll mean they should be home about 2200 or so. Cool. Now I won’t have to give up my truck on Saturday’s. And Sunday’s.


Just not much going on around here. Catching up on shows I’ve downloaded. Being lazy really.

Oh, yeah. SWMBO liked her Birthday present yesterday. A gift card to Jo Anne’s Fabric store. She’s already planning to go Saturday when she can double the amount on the card through their 50% off sale. Cool! When you marry a Quilter, you always know what you can get them for their birthday.


And that’s it. SWMBO is home safe and it’s past my bedtime.

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