Happy New Year, Everybody!

Hope all the best for you and yours for the new year. I’m normally one of those “Things have just gotta get better” people. But I fear that things will get somewhat worse politically, financially, and morally, before they get better this time.  Wish I could be proven wrong though.


Not much going on today. Pretty normal Wednesday as Wednesday’s go. Made a run to the Post Office; but otherwise stayed inside all day. Started building that “box” in my wall behind my desk. Have to do something with that empty space. Might as well make a spot to put “stuff.” Straightened up some more in the basement. All the usual chores. Warmed a pizza for dinner.


Yep, I’m just a New Year’s Partying Fool!

Saw an ad for a site called “World of Warplanes” where you fly with/against other’s online. Looks great; but really leery about installing anything “online” like that. But I’ll probably check it out and go from there. Looks like fun. I like Air Combat Sims and Flight Sims. Enough to go against other people? I just don’t know.

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