Welcome To Same Sh*t, Different Day Tuesday!

I see that Boner sided with the Democrats again. When are they going to get rid of that Rhino? What good did it do to “win” the elections if we still can’t get anything done? Y’all need to elect me Dictator for the next 8 years. Let’s see. First day in office: Repeal Obamacare. Repeal Immigration executive orders. Bring Obama & Clinton to trial for Treason and other (lesser) offenses. Send all members of both Houses back to their respective States for prosecution. Kill the EPA & IRS. Lower all Federal Taxes to a flat 10% (even Corporations). Give the Military a 100% raise. Institute “You Now Work For The U.S. Government” for all Welfare recipients that can pass a drug test. (No pass drug test, no money. They’ll probably go to work securing our Southern Border.) And that’s just the beginning! (Yes, I’m a Redneck.)


Just not much going on around here. Talked to my friend in Vista, CA on 20-meters. Got an insurance quote from the Good Sam folks. Made meatloaf, mashed potato’s, and corn for dinner. All the usual chores. Doctor Who marathon going on in the background. Kicked Dog Ass! (And he loved every minute of it!) Oh, took him for a walk earlier then sat out in the Sun for about half an hour. Nice.


Only 3 of us on the 10-meter Net tonight. N7YGE & KF7PDT and I was it. We heard someone way down in there but couldn’t understand a word they said. Nice of them to try though.

And that’s about it for this evening. I do lead a boring life.

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