Just Another Monday. Again.

Femjoy10Not a whole lot going on today. The Usual Chores. Got out only to check mail. Went off on a rant on Facebook about a post. You know; the usual.

I absolutely HATE those “I bet I won’t get even 1 post/like” type of posts. Expecially those that say “You’re not human if you just scroll past” posts. I think after 20+ years in the emergency/medical field my compassion knows no bounds. But, I also know shit happens. These posts are designed to instill feelings of guilt and clog up our feeds. I never report, like, amen, or forward them. Never.

And those “Black Pride = Ok. Asain Pride = Ok. Etc, etc. White Pride = Racist. Hey, numbnuts, thanks for lumping all us White folks together. How come other races can have pride in their color/history but if a white person does it’s racist? Pisses me off.

Femjoy18So I made a couple of relatives kind of mad at me on Facebook with a small rant over a couple of those posts. Even unfollowed one of them cause I’m just tired of the bullshit posts telling me I’m racist or inhuman. I don’t need their shit in my life.

Other than that just not a whole lot going on around here still. Been scanning those Profile Publications (last one this evening!) and my usual. Have a Big Bang Theory Season 9 marathon going in the background on one monitor and the Alien movies going on the other (but silently).

And that’s it. Boring, I know. That’s my life though.

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