Senior Moments Are So Fine. They Make You Think You’ve Lost Your Mind. Uh, Forgot The Rest.

I got off my lazy old fat ass and:

  • Made a dump run.
  • Scanned some more Genealogical Helpers & Old Post Cards.
  • Made my usual comments on Redneck Mormon.
  • Swept most of the house.
  • Got my “usual” chores done. More laundry.
  • Watered the garden and picked the ripe stuff.
  • Boiled down some more tomato’s.
  • Made a “Charging Station” out of my old roll-topped desk.
  • Inflated the tires on the mower & <that other thingie>
  • Mowed part of the back yard.
  • Backed up all the Old Family Picture scans I’ve done.
  • Just been my same old awesome self!

And now for something completely different. Made myself some chicken baked in V8, baked tater, & Peas for dinner. Was good. I want to eat out of the freezer more often and start using some of that up. Our freezer is stuffed full of “stuff” we hardly ever eat. What the hell are we saving it all for?


SWMBO’s son came home early today so I’m going to pick her up tonight. Cool! If she’s agreeable I may make a stop by WINCO Foods for chili makings.

Which we did. Got out of there $130 lighter in the wallet. And I spent $28 on a new (BIG) pot that can be used as a water-bath canner. Woo Woo!


And that’s really it.

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