Well, That Was Different.

Had to do fasting labs this morning, so I took my shower a bit early and headed off to the Naval Hospital. Only had to wait a few minutes at the lab before they called me in and drew blood. The Pharmacy was a totally different matter though! There I waited about half an hour to be seen. Then I waited another half hour to get my meds. And there really weren’t that many other’s waiting.


Then I had to stop at the bank to get some money to take to PUD cause our balance due was too high. I don’t know why; SWMBO handles the finances. Something we’ll be talking about tonight. It probably won’t be pretty.

Got out on my “new” rider-mower and tried to mow the back yard. Not happening. Damned thing bogs down at the merest hint of grass. And high spots in the yard (of which there are a few) kills it completely. I’m going to take it back cause it just ain’t worth the asking price.


Sun finally started peeking out late this afternoon but it ain’t really warm out there. Sux! I wouldn’t mind laying out for awhile.

Not much else going on. Doctor Who (Matt) marathon on my 2nd monitor. Updating my “Portable Apps” thumb drive. Listening to the radio in the background. Just now starting to think what I might have for dinner. About time for the afternoon news to come on also.


My life. At least the damned headache went away. And I did finally get to take the Dog for a walk.

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