They Takes Their Heat Serious Around Here


Knowing how most Western WaRshingtonians are real Warm Wx Wuses, this is gonna kill a lot of them. Not enough, but a lot. Makes following generations tougher and more able to handle all that Global Warming if you ask me. Breed ‘em for the heat, I say.


Not a whole lot going on around here. Really nice outside so me and the Dog spent as much time ouside, naked of course, as we could.  I bet we walked the back 40 a dozen times. (Actually getting kind of tired walking it by myself. Almost wish I had a couple of friends to walk around with. I spend way too much time home. Alone.)

Anywho, that’s about it. Watering the lawns to try to keep them as a possible fire-break if the need arises. Talked to one of the guys on the Belfair Net about digging me a hole for the base of my new tower. Still have a lot to figure out for that! Still need to rent a digger and do a lot of work on our paths around the back 40.

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