Well. Hell. Been Stuck Inside…

These past couple of weeks because it has RAINED (or sprinkled or showered) almost daily. Wasn’t too bad; it was so dry around here that it took almost the whole two weeks before the ground finally got saturated enough for some excess to run off into our “culvert” (really just a hole in the ground with pipes leading across my backyard to the ditch) at the back of the property.

We really needed it, but: DAMN! It’s wet out there!!!

And now, thanks to “Daylight Savings” it’s getting dark at 1630 or so. So, it’s cool, wet & dark out at just the time when I’d rather be outside doing something.

But don’t get me started.

Been “playing” with the Piwigo Gallery program both locally and on my gallery site. It’s interesting and much better than the old Gallery3 program I used to use. Lots of themes and plug-ins to do different things. Been fun but takes a lot of time to transfer files and then go through and set it up.

Of course, you’ve noticed that I killed my “regular” site and installed this blog as the default. It does save a lot of time and effort to work on only the one site instead of two. Guess you could say I cut my work in half.

Speaking of work: Still no luck for me or SWMBO getting a job. She’s in a better position than I and will be starting some training tomorrow to do coding work at home for a couple of months. Good for her!

Really not much else going on around here. Really. Too damp to get outside much.

Oh, our son (Brian) is living in the RV; for now. We’ll be moving him to the basement later today and tomorrow. It would just be easier and cheaper if he stayed down there instead of the RV. At least he won’t have to re-fill the propane tank every couple of weeks. Not to mention the different “tanks”!” Smile

Haven’t been talking on the radio much except for the regularly scheduled Nets on Sunday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesdays. Had the regularly scheduled meeting for NMARES last month and only one other person showed up. I think it’s about time to bury the cadaver of the club.

Let’s see: Oh, lost all those cd’s I re-ripped and a bunch of other stuff when the drive I was using to transfer things went TU (big time!!). Posted a video of it on YouTube. I’d never heard a drive make that kind of noise before. I opened it up and tried running it but the platters just don’t want to spin at all. Otherwise I could probably save some of the information on it. I’m still not sure of what else I lost but will find out as I go looking for it. Ah well. What are ya gonna do?

Noisy Hard Drive!

SWMBO made Chied Fricken, mashed & veggies for dinner tonight. Was Good!

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