Pretty Normal Friday. For Us!

Got SWMBO up and let her take me to FPH for breakfast. A Late Breakfast. I had my usual Hobo Omelet with salsa & sourdough toast. She had something with sausage links, lots of cinnamon and involved syrup.

Read & Heed!

Stopped at Wal-Mart’s and bought some clear plastic storage boxes for my shop, some red plastic storage boxes for the freezer and a couple of large plastic storage boxes for her stuff.

On the way home we saw a Port Orchard Cop rear-end a car into the intersection by Group Health. Well, we didn’t actually see the accident; but we did hear the crunch and watch the other car roll into the intersection. Then he turned his emergency lights on. I saw that everyone appeared to be okay so didn’t stop to offer assistance.

Got home and we went down and pretty much picked the last of the beans. Picked a butt-ton of beans! Also picked my one bell pepper and a couple of the tomato’s that have turned orange. More maters on the way!

Broadway Limited w 38 Stude Pres

Been re-scanning all my pictures “just to be sure” that I have, in fact, scanned all my pictures. Yesterday and today I’ve scanned 2680 with a shit-load to go.

Think I’ll go read a bit before bedtime…

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