Another SSDD Sunday.

I know I’m not very “inventive” when it comes to my blog headers. You can blame it on me being a very boring person with a total lack of imagination.

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Finally got my 2-meter antenna moved to the front yard. Pounded in a couple of metal tubes to hold antennas and put the 2-meter antenna on one. It’s fairly straight even! And it seems to ping the repeater just fine. I’ll find out during the MCARC net tonight. Now I need to go to ACE Hardware for a couple of large U-Bolts for the 6btv antenna.

Been “listening” to psk31 signals on 14.070.5 most of today also. I haven’t made a psk contact in months! Don’t know why either. Just been doing other stuff I guess. About the only “radio stuff” I have been doing lately is the 2-meter nets; and I did manage to get on the 10-meter net the other night. Really ought to get off my lazy ass and do more.

Other than that just not much going on. Walked up to my friends and borrowed his post pounder thingie. Windy out! Very windy out! Not a lot of rain, and definitely no snow (yet), but it’s wet enough to soak one’s shoe’s and sock’s if you walk in the grass.

Going to have a pre-made Lasagna & Texas Toast for dinner. May re-heat the leftover corn for a “side” dish. (Turned out good!)

Jeez! What a dork! Time on my computer is an hour fast; which I didn’t notice as being an hour fast until I tried starting the MCARC Sunday Evening Chat Net! (It went well when I finally started it at the right time.)

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