A Liberals Favorite Breakfast Should Be

Bacon, eggs, and hash browns. Sure, sliced up pig, aborted chicken embryo’s, and taters probably picked by an illegal alien.

Actually, the Headline should read:

To Defeat Delta Variant, Experts Mandate Doing All The Things That Didn’t Work The First Time

But don’t get me started. Not really “experts,” are they?

Told a friend I was thinking of buying some stock. He said “Shipping cows is expensive and your yard is so small where would you put them?”

Donated my N-Gauge Train and parts to the Bremerton Model Railroad Club. Only dragged the box all that stuff was in around since 1975 or so. Guess those would officially be antique engines. Hope they can use them. (The guy I handed the stuff too seemed pleased.)

Stopped at Home Depot and got some more bolts for my project to hold the solar panels.

There was this weird stuff falling from the sky and making spots on my windshield. Almost looked like rain. Had to turn the wipers on. Once.

Is it telling that I like Twisted Mini-Pretzels because they are twisted.

Coughed up $10 and joined the OMISS, or O.M. International Sideband Society. I don’t know why. I’m not a “joiner.” Sort of. But it seemed a good way to support something that looks good. Other than SWMBO, that is. But this might be kinda fun. Ham radio stuff!

We have some of the best tasting well water in the country. Can’t drink “city water” anymore. I can smell it across the room in restaurants.

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