Rant. Occasionally Happens. GOI!

So, just how does one tell Amazon that one needs a tall can crusher and not a tall can crusher?

Y’all remember: If the Government can force you to get a vaccine, the Government can force you to do anything. They just took your freedom of choice. You are no longer in charge of your body and what happens to it. Whatever happened to “My Body. My Choice?”

Which other freedom is next to go?

Of course, you aren’t really free. Unless you count Free Range Tax Payer. Try not paying your taxes and (unless your name is Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson) see how “free” you are. Stand on a corner and preach the gospel about “gays” and such. Bet that don’t last long. In some states, try saving rain water without a permit. Or collect more than what someone “in charge” considers more than the acceptable amount of guns and ammo any one person should own. That’s how Free you are.

Get used to carrying your Vaccine papers and showing them to anyone that demands to see them. Need to do some in-person banking? Better have your papers. The Greeters at Walmart will now become the paper checkers. No papers? You can’t spend too much money at Walmart then. Planes, Trains, Buses: Yep. And a Mask because just getting the vaccine “isn’t enough” anymore.

Just. Get. Used. To. It.

Unless you’re really free, of course.

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