Okay. Getting Antsy Pantsy Now…

You know: Ready to hit the road and get the getting’ done. That sort of antsy pantsy.

Spent the day getting my stuff ready for the trip. Yep, that’s about it. Went for a couple of walks. Watered the garden. Watched SWMBO pick some of her strawberry’s. Dishes. Laundry. Almost a pretty normal day.

Ran the MCARC 2-meter Chat Net from the truck last night. Was kind of funny cause I was running the truck up and down the driveway trying to get a better signal. Didn’t work cause our repeater really needs to be replaced. KC7WNJ (Roland), who runs the Wednesday night net says he’s not going to have a real net anymore until the repeater is fixed. I’ll support him 100%!

Playing with the HRD Satellite Tracking program and following the ISS. It should be directly overhead about 0019 tonight. Probably a bit too late for me but, if I’m awake, I’ll get up and take a look. Don’t get to see many astronomical stuff up here because of the clouds though. ONE of the many reasons I hate this state.

So, we’re going to Oregon, Ohio for a couple of weeks to visit SWMBO’s folks. I have a friend in Greensburg, PA that I’ve known 28+years that I’ve made intermittent contact with on PSK31. Not telling him I’ll be in Ohio and want to see what he’ll say when my signal comes in “outstandingly clear” when I contact him. I think I’ll tell him I bought a $3000 tower/antenna combo. He’ll really crap his pants when I show up at his door one Sunday morning! Should be fun!


I guess I should mention for the would-be thieves that our Son is living here, our tenants will be on the prowl and our fully-armed retired neighbor will be keeping an eye on the place. Or could Not and let y’all get caught. Hmmm. Which to do? AND our chicken-killin’ Poop Dog is always on watch also.

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