Damn! Had An Absolutely Profound Heading To Post. Forgot It. Old

Which is just another sign that I’m really getting old. Or getting really old. Probably both. Or I’ve gotten so boring, even to myself, that I can’t remember what I was going to say. Don’t pay enough attention.


Oh, I could probably give you a daily dose of social/political diatribe; but you wouldn’t enjoy it. Nor, probably, would I. I could describe an evening with SWMBO, a gallon of warm mayonnaise, and a rubber chicken; but you really don’t want to go there. Or I could do as I have been. That’d be pretty safe. Shouldn’t get my various accounts suspended. Except may on Tumblr. They’re a strange bunch.


Just your normal everyday Saturday. SWMBO took me to Teriyaki Chicken in Gig Harbor for dinner. Then we spent too much money at COSTCO for some more shelves for the pantry. (Damn, those things are getting heavy!) Made our usual stop by Safeway on the way home. And here we are.


And that’s about it. Again. And Again. You know. Maybe. One of these days. Maybe. I’ll have something interesting to say.


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