Finally Feeling Better

Which is a good thing. Got tired of feeling like someone had kicked my ass from here to tomorrow. Felt really crappy yesterday before the Wx changed; my head could feel the change long before the rain actually showed up. Weirdest feeling I’ve ever had.


Got off my fat, lazy, ass today and burned the burnables while it was raining. Made a run to ACE Hardware (via Habitat For Humanity and DQ) and got a couple of those floaty blocker thingies at the bottom of the tank and replaced those in the upstairs toilets. (God, I love Technical language!) Did a load of laundry.

Walked the Dog a few times even though it was raining. He won’t go out to his poop yard and poop even when I lead him out there. So I have to take him for walks rain or shine or snow. Dipshit.

Made some pseudo-BBQ chicken in my new convection oven with the pans SWMBO got me for it for Christmas. Was good but cooked way faster than I was expecting. Was good though. Chunked taters and a green bean& corn mix. Yummy.


My Pi2 in the living room seemed to go TU so I ordered a new one. Got here today. Well, the new one is a Pi 3. Assembled it, put the “hard drive” (SD Card) in, turned it on, and nothing. Turns out the SD Card went TU and I didn’t really need to buy a new Pi 3. Luckily I had a couple of cards laying around and installed NOOBS, etc, and both are working fine. The Pi in the living room is used as an entertainment center to watch movies or tv shows on our NAS on the tv in the big room.

What I’m going to do with the “extra” Pi 3 I don’t know. Yet.

BTW, DQ has totally lost my business. Stopped in for the $5 Deluxe Cheesburger meal. It sucked. Even in store the lettuce was warm, the fries were limp, and the Doctor Pepper tasted like IDon’tKnowWhat. So, they screwed their last chance to keep any of my business.

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