Still, Still, Still, STILL SSDD!

Just more of the same.

Had an older friend (yes, older than I) come over about 0930 for me to straighten up a few things on his laptop. Something re-associated his document files with MS Word (which he doesn’t have on his laptop anymore) so all I had to do was re-associate them with LibreOffice. He couldn’t recreate a couple of other problems he claims he’d been having, but they weren’t anything really important anyway.


The couple that came over last night to look at the piano called a couple of times today. They’re having problems finding anyone to transport the thing to their place. Say they won’t be able to pick it up until Friday a week from now. I don’t care. Things gone; it just hasn’t left the building.

Not much else going on. Have a meeting of NMARES at 1900 (about 1.5 hours from now) down at the QFC in town. That outta be fun! Only thing I have going there is having to show one of the “new” Technicians how to use his handheld radio. Damned thing has been tough for me to learn the basics so I’m not sure what I’ll be able to teach him. We’ll see.

It’s 2130 now and I’m back from the NMARES meeting. Went well. Had a whole 8 people show up! Getting better. Next maybe I’ll be able to talk them into actually doing something. Naw. That ain’t gonna happen.


Think I’ll go bug SWMBO for awhile.

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