Cardiologist Appointment Today

Which I got to the requisite 15 minutes early but the Doc saw me a half hour late. Go figure. But they did another EKG; which appeared fairly normal. Cardiologist, Dr. Yang, (finally) checked me out and pretty much said I hadn’t anything to worry about as far as my heart is concerned. HOWEVER, my Blood Pressure was 180/110 so he upped my Lisinopril to 10mg daily (and may up it more), and something called Carvedilol (to even my heartbeat out somehow, I think) which I now have to take twice daily. Oh, the joys of getting old!


Not much else going on around here. Sun finally came out and it even got a bit warm out. Nice. Not too many of those days left this year. Did my usual chores and re-did 6 pints of chili that I didn’t get finished last night. Watered the garden and picked about 20 lbs of tomato’s. Have a pile to skin and boil down tomorrow.


Made myself some fried (in butter) fish and fresh peas for dinner. Was good. Next time I’ll need some tartar sauce and a hot bun.


And that’s pretty much it for tonight. SWMBO is home safe if not sound. Listening to 80-meters just to hear what I can hear. Lot’s or people there. About bed time.

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