My Usual 2nd Saturday Of The Month…

Meaning I had to get up early, shit, shower & shave and be out of the house by 0730 for the monthly MCARC meeting in Shelton. It was, as usual, a beautiful drive and I didn’t hit a deer.

Dragonrider's of Pern

Meeting was pretty ordinary; meaning there was a LOT of talking. But we did vote to get a new antenna for the repeater, spend what we need to on a porta potty for field day (and food for field day) and a couple of other things. (I’m not sure what but will be contacted when “they” need the bucks.)

Took my Drone with me and showed it off. All the guys want one! Smile


Dropped by KE7PHU’s on the way home so he could give me a cd of pictures one of the other guys has taken of club activities; so I can post the pictures on our web site. He also have me a pretty nice corner computer desk and chair(s). I’m thinking maybe our son can use them in his new room.

Got home around 1100 (and I did almost hit a deer on the way back), took the dog for a walk and started working on the garden area again. Put a couple of cross-beams up to hold the chicken wire we want the peas & beans to climb. It will also hold the orange fence stuff to keep the deer from jumping in the garden.


SWMBO and our son have gone to Home Depot for paint and some other things. I gotta get something to eat. Later!

Just been watching “Surface.”

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