I Gotta Quit Reading Those Fookin’ Labels. Never Gonna Buy Anything To Eat Again.

Dang! That almost sounds like a line from a hit song or something. “Never gonna eat again. Cause I read those fookin’ labels.” Man, some of the things that are in our foods! Things that I’m trying to cut out of my diet completely. Which means that I’ll never eat a packaged item again.

Which probably won’t happen because I’m not going to turn into a freak about all this. Just do the best I can and go from there. Can’t ask any more of myself.

Been kinda sorta taking it easy and doing just the light stuff around the house these past few days. Good thing I have a rider mower! Still had to man-handle the whack-weeder around though. That’s an hour long job in itself. Two recharges of the whacker battery so I get a break.

Started the tractor up and did some things out in the back 40. Cleaned her up some and did the weekly grease gun to her nipples. All 18 (or so) of them. Yep, keep her greased up and she’ll work her ass off for ya.

Hooked the dump trailer to the truck to make a dump run tomorrow. I think I have the air purged from the lines. Or mostly anyway. Won’t really be able to check that and fix it until I empty the trailer. Tomorrow. And hopefully I can get it to work one more time so I don’t have to manually unload the thing. That would be a pain.

The wall-board/drywall guy dropped off a trailer that’s over full of wallboard this afternoon. Says he and “The Crew” will be back about 0730 tomorrow to start putting it in. We’ll see.

Feeding the Missionaries tomorrow. BBQ Chicken. Baked Sweet Taters. Peas. Probably some ice cold canned pears for desert.

Gained back a couple of the 17 lbs I lost last month. Partially because I’m still in AFib off and on and don’t feel like getting too occupied with making things for dinner. So I take the easy way out. But I’ll get back on track.

Still wearing that little heart monitor and that’s a giant pain in the ..er.. chest. Press the button when I feel my heart fluttering, grab my phone and make an entry in the app. Lady from the “Electro Cardiologist” office called today and made me any appointment to see him and the results of this monitor for next OCTOBER. Glad I’m not an emergency or anything.

My Doctor’s office e-mailed me to make an after ER visit visit. I’m having mixed feelings about his Doc still. Kind of upset that I had to self-diagnose to get anything done. Seems all those times I complained of my heart fluttering over the past couple of years would have triggered something in his training and I’d have been checked out way earlier. Partially my fault too since I have enough Medical Training (Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman) that I could have been a bit more insistent about getting it checked out. But we didn’t and here we are.

Never been “normal” so I don’t know if I wish I were that or not; but I do wish I wasn’t having these problems.

Haven’t had a soda in 3 days and I’m starting to notice.

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