Windy Tuesday. Outside Too!

Watching a video on Youtube about “The Blizzard of 1978” in northern Ohio (SWMBO is from Toledo/Oregon but was in Boot Camp in Florida during this storm). To me, the funniest part is when they show someone doing a report in the field and the reporters signs off “yada yada yada. I’m so-n-so out in the field, with the Minicam.” Every single one of them. Kind of neat that, back then, having a video camera in the field was so new it was worth mentioning in the report. Also cool to think that now I have a camera in my phone (my phone!) that’s better than any of those $30,000 minicams were back then. Although they were pretty good for the time.

Speaking of which, SWMBO video called me a couple of hours ago only to have that much better cam in her phone shut it down for lack of power. All I know right now is that she’s still in Silverdale and “they’re” still trying to find out if her insurance will cover her being in the Pulmonary Rehab hospital in Seattle. She looks healthy but still on high flow oxygen. She sounds good but coughs occasionally. She’s still cute as ever.

I don’t (usually) wish anyone harm, but, sometimes karma is a bitch: Karen Croake Heisler: 67-year-old former Notre Dame professor says “damn the unvaccinated,” dead 12 days after third Pfizer mRNA injection. (Bye Bye, Crazy Lady.) I did like how her last tweets blamed the “unvaccinated” clogging up the hallways and beds when she had no way to tell who had/hadn’t been vaccinated without looking at their medical records, or asking. Another Liberal caught up in the act of blaming everyone else for her shortcomings.

Because, you know, equality is dead in America: Washington university creates segregated housing specifically for Black students. (I hate this State.)

And so, I’m about to quit reading the “News” completely. I don’t watch it on tv anymore because I get only 1 station out where I live and Q13 FOX News is about as liberal as they come. I haven’t watched the News in a couple of years now.

Dang. SWMBO called me just before bed last night and I forgot to post this. So you, lucky you, get it tonight! Cool!

Pretty much SSDD today with addition that the Dog and I made half a dump run. Took the 3 full garbage cans today and will take the recyclables (cardboard and plastics mostly) tomorrow. That was a quick $13 and I didn’t even have to drive very far.

Replaced one more of the boob lights in the main room. Two to go. Figure one a day will keep me busy. If I were to fall from that 12′ ladder though …

SWMBO’s Visiting Teacher (well, what there is left of that) brought over some casserole, four ears of corn, bag of apples, and a half of one of those small watermelons the other day. Already had (a couple of days worth of) chicken thawed out so I didn’t get to the casserole until today. Not sure what kind it was. Lots of burger and I think I noticed some zucchini. Everything was mushy. The watermelon was good once the appropriate amount of salt was sprinkled on it. Butt-ton of seeds for such a small watermelon.

Oh, SWMBO is now on 70/70 which means 70% oxygen at 70 ltr/hr and her blood O2 is in the low 90’s. Which is good. 

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