Well, Today Was Different.

Sort of. Went to the MCARC monthly meeting in Shelton this morning. Good meeting. KE7PHU says he’s still going to give me his old laptop. (When? That’s what I want to know.) “They” decided to have this years Field Day the same field we had it in 4 years ago. Nice field. Out in the middle of no where but still fairly close to town.


Got home and just messed around; took the Dog for a walk and watered the garden.

Met SWMBO at Arby’s in Silverdale for an early dinner. I like her company! Then we went to COSTCO and spent almost $200 on “stuff.” Didn’t get anything we won’t be using though. Took a look through the blu-ray’s but nothing grabbed my interest for the prices they were asking. Ah well. Gonna be time to walk in and buy 10 pair of jeans pretty soon. I do that about every 5 years or so.

I don't know about Art, but I know what I like.

Then we spent another $110 at Home Depot on paint and other things. Phew, I’m a spendy date! Got a bunch of 9-volt batteries to replace all the batteries in all the smoke alarms in the house and MILA. Also got a can of Helmsman Spar Urethane to try something with. (I’m going to build my own desktop for my room and am wondering how urethane will look. We’ll see.)

Then it was back home for the two of us. Been reinstalling MS Flight Simulator X and all the add-on’s I bought for it. It worked! First time! I couldn’t believe it. Both FSX & the acceleration pack “authenticated” (can’t think of the word I’m supposed to use. I’m old) right from the git-go. I think that’s the first time that’s happened.


And that’s it. Gotta make the bed and get my morning coffee set up and then will probably lay down and read awhile.

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