I Hate HAte HATe HATE…

Waking with a headache. ESPECIALLY as SWMBO was going to take me to breakfast this morning. Double Triple Damn! At least it was pretty much gone by noon. Think I can talk her into taking me to a late lunch/early dinner? (She’s at a class in Gig Harbor now and won’t be back until 1300 or so.)

Would like to swim here!

Nice Wx again today. For me. Supposed to get up around 75 degrees or so for Seattle; which means 80+ out here. It always seems to be warmer or colder here than in Seattle.

Next Stop: Mars

SWMBO took me to Taco Bell for dinner. Then to Payless Shoes for some sandals and on to Safeway for our regular basket of food. I do like spending time with her.

Headache Did go away…

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