Canning My Chili Thursday!

So that’s what I’ve been doing most of the day. Well, pretty much all day.


My setup and the first 8 jars. Only 7 “popped” so I have at least 1 to redo. However, if all the rest I have to do seal good, then I’ll probably just eat the one for dinner. It’s the “cool down” part that takes so long! You have to turn the heat off and wait for the pressure gauge to drop to zero before opening the thing. Otherwise, that 15 lbs per square inch would explode all the jars inside.


And I’m doing my usual chores, of course. Rearranged the “living” room so I can actually see the big tv without leaning around my monitor. Sure will be glad when I get back in “my” room! Starting to get some ideas about changing the layout of the kitchen-dining-living rooms. Want to open the kitchen up.

Thinking of buying a dipole antenna to replace the one I built. Found one on Amazon (I think. I bookmarked it) that does 80-10 supposedly without tuning. Then another one for 2/4/6 meters. Both for less than $100 and they should take care of my antenna needs for years to come. And take less room on the roof. For a guy that hates wires I sure got into the wrong hobby! Plus all the electronics in the house take a wire (or two) of some type.


So, 41 pints of chili and 12 hours later I’m done with the canning. All but 4 sealed (or I’d have had 45 pints). That should be enough to last the year. Got most of the mess cleaned up already. The pressure canner is the only thing left.

And that’s it. Bedtime.

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