Nope. Didn’t Post Yesterday…

I can’t think of anything of import happening. SWMBO and one of her girl friends went to Seattle for the day and didn’t get back until late. I made a trip to the Vape shop in Bremerton and rented a couple of movies at Blockbuster on the way back.

Ultraviolet. Visually Impressive. Made No Sense.

Nice Wx so I sat outside as much as I could as it is sure to be one of the last day’s I’ll be able to do that. (It’s been raining this morning at least since 0530 when I got up.) All in all it was a nice Labor Day; even if it was just like every other day I spend around here.

Not much going on today. Returned the movies to Blockbuster. Checked mail. Listening to the 10-meter band “just in case.” (Still) Re-ripping our movies to .mp4 format for the movie drive.

Sooooo, Got off my lazy old ass, defrosted and cleaned the freezer. Looks nice. Now to try to put everything back in an orderly manner! (Yeah. Like that’s going to happen!) Only took 1.5 hours! Ever notice how short you are on coolers when you need to empty the freezer but how too damn many when you want to clean the garage?

Airport (1970)

Think I’ll fry up some shrimp, make SWMBO some rice, and green beans for dinner.

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