Lots Cooler & WET Today!

Which has it’s good points. And bad. Yes, we really do need the rain; it’s been really dry around here this summer. More than any other summer I can think of. (Which doesn’t mean a lot because I’m old and have Senior Moments all the time.) The reason I don’t like it today is because it means we have months (and months) more of this to put up with.


So, really didn’t get outside much today. Long enough to burn trash is about it. Got all my usual chores done, straightened up in the basement some. But mostly just sat here at my computer straightening up our personal video’s.

Meaning: I already converted all our personal/family video tapes to digital. Now I sorting them by year and month to be in somewhat chronological order. Luckily I got a bit anal and wrote dates on tapes, etc. Same with all the camera/phone video’s we want to keep. Probably no one other than us will ever want to watch them, but “just in case” anyone ever does they’ll be in order.

And, yeah, I love databases too.

Found the Retro-Sci-Fi channel on the Roku. Lots of those old less than B Grade sci-fi movies. Click on one and let it run all day! Cool! Glad I’m finally getting some use out of that thing. (The Roku.)


MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Chat Net went well. Heard from a couple we don’t usually hear from. Cool!

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