Just Not A Lot Going On Today

Felt like I was trying to get a headache. Glasses hurt the bridge of my nose; which usually indicates a headache coming on. (Weird, I know!) But, while I got the “blah’s” my head never really hurt. Except when I laid down for a few minutes.


Wet off and on outside most of the day. Dog and I managed to go on a few walks and threw the balls around for him during the dry times. Wish we could send some of this to those fires in Calif. I fought some of those fires outside San Bernadino back when I was a young lad so I know what they’re going through.

Made a roast for dinner. Added some beans (cause I had a hankering for beans for some reason) and chunked potato’s. Wasn’t that good. Meat fell apart on the plate with only the slightest prodding with a fork; but, seemed to compact and toughen up when chewed. Sometimes I hate having false teeth.


Anywho, the MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went well. Had to switch antenna’s so they could hear me. I could hear them really clear but my signal wasn’t getting out at all. The 2nd antenna had lousey reception but they could hear me pretty good. I think I’m going to rebuild all my 2-meter/440 stuff.

That’s it.

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