It’s Gotta Be Wednesday!

Or I’ve lost/gained another day. Which wouldn’t be that unusual for me. Dammit!

Not much going on. Overcast, cool day so the Dog and I made only one walk to tour the property. Feet got soaked!


Other than that just been doing stuff around the house. Started on cleaning and bagging the Maters I picked yesterday so they’ll get ripe. But with 18 quarts of stewed maters already from this years crop I’m not sure I really need any more. Maybe I’ll just give the new stuff away at church or someplace. Hey, anyone want a shit-load of green tomato’s?!?

Trying to watch the KOMO newscast on the Internet and it just won’t work today. Oh, their commercial comes through just fine; no glitches or pauses. But, try watching the News! Pauses every 8 seconds and sometimes doesn’t restart at all. Too bad cause I like the afternoon News team. (And I don’t have to listen to commercials like I would have to if I watched it on the TV. Just blessed periods of silence between segments.) So I’m trying to watch it on my Nexus 7. Acting the same though…

SWMBO is home safe so I’m going to relax.

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