And Another Fine Week Has Begun!

Had a witty statement to make here; and totally forgot it. Senior Moment! Seem to be having more of those lately.

b_shot0014aHad a “echocardiogram” last Tuesday. The Tech didn’t run screaming from the room or rush to drag someone else in to “take a look at THIS!” so I guess it went okay. Won’ t know until next Wednesday when I go back to see the Cardiologist.

Wednesday (last) I had the “chemical stress test” that involved nothing to eat after midnight the night before. That was fun! It’s highly unusual to have someone sit and look you in the eye and say “I’m going to be injecting you with radiation that will bind with certain muscles of your heart and then take some pictures of it.” (Tried to tell them that if they wanted to save their medicine they could stress me just by trying to convince me how good a Biden Presidency would be. They didn’t fall for  that though.)

Told him he needed to add another sentence to that: (Best/worst German accent) “And then you vill die, Mr. Bond!”

So, they did that and had me sit around for awhile. Then they hooked me up to a machine and injected me with a vasodilator; which instantly made me short of breath. But it only lasted 30 seconds or so. Got a small chest pain out of it though. But, ultimately, I returned to “normal” and we finished up. After another 40 minute wait we did another set of pictures and I got to go home. Via Burger b_shot0029aKing.

Just been “puttering” around the house getting things done. Scanning my Uncle’s old family pictures. Re-ripping our cd’s to ogg format. Getting this new mini-windows computer to do what I want it to do. Planning my Winter projects.

Still putting together my solar system to keep running my radio stuff on batteries. Going to Ace Hardware this afternoon to get some connectors and stuff so I can finish that.

Last Saturday I moved our RV to the lower driveway so the sun will hit a different part of it AND so I’ll have a bit more level ground for the scaffolding I’m getting to redo the silicone along the edge of the roof so there (hopefully) won’t be any leaks. (Did that make sense?)

Supposed to start raining this Wednesday and go for a few days. We need it. I’ve got trash that needs burning and can’t do it while the Burn Ban is in effect. But, I need to get out and work on the RV roof before all that starts. Rain lasts MONTHS around here sometimes!

Anywho, that’s about it. Don’t get a lot of excitement (don’t want any! Been there, done that).

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