Interesting Day. Mostly. Sorta.

Made a run to the Vape Shop in Bremerton. Stopped by my bank and talked to the girl about a loan for an R-Pod 177 (or equivalent). Got some money out then went to my other bank and deposited it into my savings account. Grabbed one of the $5 lunches at DQ and rushed home to eat it. Been updating “Money” and shopping online since!


Talked to the bank about me getting a loan for the RV. After a long, convoluted, conversation it turns out I cannot get a loan on my own no matter how much money I get each month. They will look at our total income to debt ratio. Which really sucks.


Trying to establish credit on my own because I find myself in the same situation as millions of stay-at-home/retired spouses; If something were to happen to SWMBO I couldn’t even refinance our house because I don’t have any credit built up for myself. (Not that I’m planning on anything happening to her!) Oh, sure, insurance would pay most everything we’re paying on off, but then I wouldn’t be able to buy anything on payments because I don’t have credit built up for myself. Or so it seems. Maybe I just don’t understand it all.


Ordered a new Baofeng F8 programming cable and some other stuff from Amazon. Then Mt. Baker Vapor got some of my business. Trying to stay with the tobacco flavored e-juice but get it as clear as I can. The guys at the Vape Shop in Bremerton say I go through so many attys because I don’t use clear juice. So I got one that’s about half as opaque as the one I’ve been using. If that makes any sense.


Dang! Getting windy out there! Blowing my antenna wires all over the place.

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