Damn Headaches!

Was kinda sorta hurting when I woke up this morning but got worse through the day. Just the right side of my head today. Still, must mean weather changes on the way. Yep, I really think the headaches come on when there’s going to be a big weather change. But it could have come from the box of Whoppers I ate yesterday also. (Once or twice a year shouldn’t cost that much!)

1949-National-TV7M. My 7 inch Nexus does more!

Just doing things around the house, and outside as much as possible before it starts raining again tonight. Sprayed Bleach on part of the grass growing in the lower gravel driveway to see if that will really works.

Gonna make a dump run soon as SWMBO is ready, to drop off the plastics and glass. I’ll tell you; if we didn’t throw the vegetable stuff in the yard and recycle plastics & glass I’d be making a dump run a week. Which would still be cheaper than having the Waste Management folks come pick it up.


Streamed a couple of moves from Netflix on the Nexus 7 last night. Nice. Only paused a couple of times. Very viewable and, with the earbuds, the sound was good too. The Nexus is proving it’s value in being able to do “other” stuff on it; check Google+, Outlook Mail, read the News and control the Drone of course.

No. Really. Forget You Saw This!

Made a “flight” and got some video of SWMBO mowing. Cool! After our dump run, she made a run to get some gas for the mower and picked up the Oriental Dinner for three at Safeway. We’ll have the Salmon patties I thawed out tomorrow evening.

MCARC 2-meter net tonight @ 1930. Should be better than the 10-meter  net last night. Hopefully…

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