Let’s Get This Done! I’m Tired Tonight.

Just because. Just because just not much happened around here today. Made a run to Safeway and bought something just so I could get $20 in change to make a dump run. Spent a whopping $2 on the Mega Lotto (up to $140 million). Got home and loaded the cans into the back of my truck and took them to the dump. Brought the cans home. Stopped and got mail on the way in.


And that was pretty much my day. Oh, the usual chores and some additional straightening up around the house; but nothing really strenuous or anything. Peddled my ass 5 miles on the exercycle thingie. Roughed up the Dog some. Ignored the Cat as much as possible.


Made stop by the Vape Shop on the way to pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing. She made me stop by DQ for eats on the way home. And here we are.

Supposed to drop 12”-30” of new snow over Eastern WaRshington way this Saturday night through Sunday morning. Supposedly not much chance of lowland snow here. Getting cold out though. Wouldn’t surprise me if we got a couple of inches though, really. And most anything is better than more rain.

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