Hope Everyone Had A Good Labor Day. Yes, We Had The Traditional BBQ. Well, Grill Actually …

So, ? ? ? ? ? ? <IZ1JCPHVT@eatout.co.za&gt; says: ” Y?o?u? ?h?a?v?e? ?w?o?n? ?a?n? ?S?a?m?s?u?n?g? ?N?e?o? ?Q?L?E?D? ?8?K? ?S?m?a?r?t? ?T?V?”

Wow! Lucky me! 8K Smart too! Now if we could only get cable out here. We’d be set. Ad that to the fact that someone in South Africa notified me. Wow! Can’t really be a “smart” television though. Otherwise it wouldn’t show some of the shit that passes for television these days.

Just not a lot going on around here. Wx is beautiful. SWMBO is still cute. I’m still Old.

Left knee hurts enough for me to actually contact (e-mail) my Doc and ask for a referral to an Orthopod. Left leg has been damned near useless the past 3 days.

Got a message on my phone last Friday evening from the cardiologist I saw last year (stress test) saying to give a call back. THAT hasn’t worried me all weekend or anything. I never did find out the results of that test. It was a pretty thorough one too. Hmmm…

SWMBO’s Dad called and asked if we still had his house key from when we visited last May? Turns out: Yep. My cries of “But, He GAVE it to me.” went in one ear and out the other (I saw it) so I have to overnight it to him tomorrow since SWMBO’s brother is going to visit and needs (needs!) a key. Personally, I’d let him (well, insist)(her brother) sleep in the garage. I made enough room for him.

Like I mentioned before: we did the burger thing today. The 9 “extra” burgers are in the freezer getting frozen (hopefully) to be run through the freeze dryer tomorrow. Did some beets for SWMBO the other day and they didn’t turn out too bad (to this beet-hatein’ heathen). I don’t feel bad though cause she still won’t eat any of the tuna I freeze dried. Her loss.

Lined my bathroom shower with reflective stuff we got at Home Depot last Friday (on Date Day) and started some cantaloupe seeds to soaking. Got the grow lights all set up and going. I’m thinking I might try some cucumber too. Maybe. Or Maters.

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