Ham & Egg on Toasted Bagel

For breakfast. Just cause I felt like it. I usually have Honey-Nut Cheerios with a handful of walnuts crushed up in them, but I just didn’t feel like having my usual today. Topped off with a glass of Cran-Grape Juice and I’ll  be good for a few hours.


THEN, I got a couple of messages that seemed “hinky” is the only word that comes to mind (thank you US Marshalls). It really seemed as if someone had hacked my contacts list. So I went to all my sites (ALL MY SITES!) and changed my passwords, deleted any contacts, and un-connected different accounts. Several hours later I still need to reset mail on my phone.

THEN I got another message and looking closer at it, it really doesn’t seem to be my problem. I think I’ll be calling my F-I-L tomorrow…


During all this I met SWMBO at the Arby’s in Silverdale for dinner then went and spent too much money at Home Depot. Well, we didn’t actually have to come up with cash out of our pocket. We were “given” a $500 gift card by Home Depot for spending $13,000.00 on getting our cabinets refaced. What the hell. It’ll carry us through a couple more little projects.


But, she got her texturing and the stuff to apply it and some other things she’s been wanting. I got a kitchen cabinet that I’ll be able to put wheels and a butcher block top on and have my island in the kitchen. Cool! Now we need to finish taping & pasting before we decide what color paint to paint the kitchen and my room. I’m tired already.

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