Oh My God! Another Post! Whatever Shall We Do? (Now, Get An AI To Fix That Headline!)

Last Monday SWMBO’s friends from North Bend drove over and spent the night in our RV. Nice having a near 4000 square foot house with NO “guest” bedroom. One could say, though, that since they (SWMBO’s friends) actually live in an RV over in North Bend, that we’re only doing what we can to make them really feel at home. (But, all kidding aside; they are welcome anytime.)

Tuesday, Independence Day, they (SWMBO’s friends) went to see the Kitsap Steamers (Railroad club) in Bremerton and drug, er, took SWMBO Me & Connie Mae Howard 1971along. I stayed at home cause I don’t really do crowds well. Especially on days where folks participate, encourage, & condone sudden explosions. I think Desert Storm did that to me.

Wednesday was a lazy day. Hot Wx wise so the Dog and I took off all our clothes and spent most of the day outside “doing stuff.” Had to find my sheep skin thingie for the tractor seat! Thing got HOT. I am NOT going to have a vitamin D insufficiency again this year!

Thursday was COSTCO & Burger King day. SWMBO found a couple of sinks & faucets she likes but we didn’t get them then. Next week.

Thursday the Contractor and his helper started painting the ceiling in the FILA but had an emergency at his home about an hour in and left. Suddenly. Suddenly enough to leave a tray almost full of paint in the middle of the floor. Then he called Friday to say that he’d woken up with a fever and wouldn’t be back until Monday. (We found the tray of paint yesterday. Way too late to save it.)

Also had to pull the Old Stove out and disconnect it. Not as much a mess behind the thing as I would have thought and did imagine. Some clean up but not bad. Delivery of the new stove should be between 08-1200 tomorrow.

Friday was Date Day! Was going to put it on hold but my New Stove got here at the crack of 0800. I had no sooner than moved SWMBO’s car than the Really Big Truck backed down the driveway and two strong young guys unloaded the stove and brought it into the house.

So, of course, I HAD to take the 4 connect wire off the old stove and put it on the new stove and plug it in (good thing I already had an electric stove on a 50 amp circuit or we’d have had to put one in!) and push the new stove into the opening for it. And, of course, while I was testing all the “burners” to see if they worked I might as well cook some breakfast since I was running the “burners” anyway. Iron skillet got hot even through the “burner” sized silicone pads I got to protect the surface. Nice.

Stove worked fine! I like it. Did find myself falling into the old (habit?Method?) of moving the hot skillet to a cool burner when I finished cooking. Don’t Have To Do That Now. When you turn the “burner” off it’s the pan that’s still hot and not the surface of the stove. Cool!

Then I took SWMBO to Denny’s for some of their famous Bourbon Chicken. Made stops at WinCo & the Chefs Store (or whatever they call it now) before heading home. Real exciting, I know!

Got a new film/slide scanner delivered Thursday for a project SWMBO has for me. My old one is just too old tech to work well. Like the new scanner. You can continuous feed film strips or slides through it and the actual scan takes only a second or two. Sometimes the leading edge of the film strip or slide catches though and it to be taken apart and moved a bit; but that’s the price one pays for doing it oneself.

I’ve already scanned about 1200 slides and am making headway through all my old film (126, 135, and 110) in order to thoroughly “test” this scanner. Cause I’m anal that way. Still, I’m finally scanning pictures that I haven’t seen in 50 years or more. Connie (above) was a girlfriend whose Dad hated me so much he wrote my Commanding Officer on the USS Dixie (AD-14) to ask, no, order him to order me to NEVER come around his daughter again. That didn’t work as well as sheer distance since I was stationed in San Diego and she lived outside Yuma.

Kinda wonder what all those “girls” in the 1987 Miss Nude Universe contest at Naked City look like now? (But I don’t wonder much.)

Picked up some apples and nectarines to freeze dry. Soon (like September) we’ll make a trip to Leavenworth to buy a couple of cases of those (and more) to freeze dry. Yes, the nectarines are an experiment. Hope it works.

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