Didn’t Really Think About That New Stove Did You? And Now You Pay …

Actually, I did but it did come as a bit of a surprise when I started going through my kitchen cabinets and seeing what a magnet would stick to. So these:

won’t work with the new stove. We’ll move them to the FILA with the old stove until when/if her Dad moves out and brings his own. Luckily, most of these I really haven’t used in months or longer, so, no biggie. And I’ve been slowly gathering cast iron skillets and pots and those do work.

SWMBO had her first session on the new stove this evening for “reconstitute Monday” dinner. She did pretty good.

Called last night to refill my Rx for the blood thinner I’m now taking. Showed up at the Pharmacy in town and got my meds and headed home. Just now, 7 hours later, I realize they refilled one of the “other” meds I’m taking that was due to refill. So, day 2 without the Xarelto; which you’re not supposed to just stop taking. I will be there at the pharmacy at 1000 sharp.

Which I did today. So I’m medicated to specs. Should be good for another 24 hours.

Not a lot going on. Mowed all but the front-lower (or lower-front) yard yesterday. Did the weed-whacking around the house and yards today. I’ll get the trail around the property later. Way later.

Maters are starting to come in. Have one (1) green bell pepper that looks kinda sorta like it wants to grow. We’ll see how that goes.

Freeze dried some apples, nectarines, and burger. Next up: green beans and riced cauliflower.

Painting with colors finally getting started in the FILA today. Light purple in the master bed room. Light green in the “office.” Woodchuck (I think) in the bathroom. (Might be Upchuck for all I know.) All the ceilings are white. FILA is really starting to look like something. Hell, if SWMBO’s Dad doesn’t move in, and I don’t wind up living down there, we could get about $1700/mo rent on the place. IF we were of a mind to rent again. (Both the last Renters turned out to be $ thousands expensive fixing the place back up. Never renting again.)

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