Again, We’ve Been Waiting All Day…

For those people, who were supposed to be here by 1200, to show up to look at the MILA. I’ve decided I don’t want to rent to them even if they do finally show up. Inconsiderate butt-heads. Not even a call to let us know what’s going on.

Early completely bio-degradable bio-fueled mode of transportation.

Fixing a “Shore Lunch Fire Roasted Vegetable soup mix” we had in the pantry for dinner. Diced some chicken up, liberally sprinkled it with pepper, cooked it in a tsp of oil and added it to the soup mix. We’re bout to find out how it tastes! Making corn bread muffins to go with it. Oops, better put the butter out for SWMBO…

Yep. That hurt...

Not much else going on today. Did make a dump run with our two cans and a couple of trash bags full of plastic stuff. Been raining all day (mostly) so I got to stand out in it to put the plastics in the recycle bin. WHY they can’t open the top of the bin so we could just heave our bags over the top I don’t know. As it is you have to throw each item in through a little ‘window.” Stupid. (Wet or Dry; it’s stupid!)

Moving things around on my hard drives. I have damned near 7 TB installed and still need to move things around! Why, I remember when a 32mb drive was… (And 64k was ALL the RAM anyone would ever need.)

You Mean - I NEED more than 64k of RAM? Dammit, Spock!

The Soup turned out delicious!

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